Absolute power corrupts absolutely


Anytime you venture into new territory there is a feeling od discomfort and uneasiness. That is how you will know that you are evolving, if you were comfortable you would be in a rut and that is no place for an enlightened being.

Situation made HER

She has been through hell.  so belive me when I say,  fear her when she looks  into a fire and smiles.

Love, virtually

Note: Article is from leading newspaper of India “The hindu”- MetroPlus. “Happy birthdayamma! Sorry I couldn’t make it home today.”“1,000 days with you, honey. How magical.”“I heard a nice song today and wanted to say how each word seemed like it was written for you.”These are status updates on my Facebook feed. The first is…


We dont need reason to love someone , It just happens . . . ♡♥♡

Stay Strong

One day a school teacher wrote on the board the following: 9×1=7 9×2=18 9×3=27 9×4=36 9×5=45 9×6=54 9×7=63 9×8=72 9×9=81 9×10=90 When she was done, she looked to the students and they were all laughing at her, because of the first equation which was wrong, and then the teacher said the following, “I wrote that…

Sach aur Jhuth

“Sach” kitni badtamiz  h na, zara bhi tamiz nahi h is me “Jhuth” ko to dekho kitna mitha bol leti h. . .


Change is inevitable, Change is good. . . Its something new.


Buddha was walking down the road shortly after he was enlightened and a traveler saw his remarkable energy. He asked him if he was an angle, a wizard, a magician or some kind of God. “No” , the Buddha said, “I am awake”.


While running in this competition, are we really loosing our loved one, leaving them behind, ruining our relationship? What we actually trying to proof? Was nomadic life better than this? Big Question running in my mind…


Reading books is like meditation.


You have a window to look into somebody’s life not into somebody’s head.