Physical pain is much better than emotional or mental pain..... Its easy to say "my tooth is paining" but it is equally difficult to say "my heart is breaking"

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The most difficult fight is the fight with yourself. You know about the circumstances very well you know you can't change the past but still, some thoughts are there.....killing thoughts. They irritate you, spoil your mood and also irritates people around you. Don't let those thoughts dominate you, just don't. Think of future, think of... Continue Reading →


Sometimes in our life it happens when just a single acceptance solves all the problems and makes things much more simple . . .

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An oops is much better that What if . . .    #Move out of routine...try new exciting things.


I’ve often seen people giving up on the concept of ‘True Love’ due to their previous heart breaks. What they fail to understand is that Love is not just a feeling that you can abandon; it is a beautiful magic that tends to make your whole life worth it no matter how many challenges you... Continue Reading →


Anytime you venture into new territory there is a feeling od discomfort and uneasiness. That is how you will know that you are evolving, if you were comfortable you would be in a rut and that is no place for an enlightened being.

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